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Yellowstone National Park - The Presence of Grizzlies


Location of sign - north of Mount Washburn before Tower Fall on Chittendon Road in Yellowstone National Park


Photo taken June 2008

The Presence of Grizzlies, The Presence of Grizzlies road sign, Yellowstone The Presence of Grizzlies  


Text of sign:


The Presence of Grizzlies


To increase your chances of spotting grizzly bears, learn to recognize their habitat.  Here you are surrounded by prime grizzly bear

country.  In the open meadow grasslands, grizzlies feed on wildflowers, roots and tubers, but stay close to the shelter of lodgepole

and whitebark pine groves - one reason bears are rarely seen.


The visible wilderness is only the tip of grizzly bear terrain.  Solitary wide-ranging and voracious, each adult grizzly needs hundreds 

of square miles of prime habitat to survive.  Even if you never see a grizzly bear in the wild, the scene is somehow different because

of the bears' presence.

Though known as ferocious carnivores, grizzly bears are primarily vegetarian.  To fatten up for hibernation, they raid squirrel caches

for whitebark pine nuts.  Shortages of pine nuts may alter feeding habits, causing grizzlies to range closer to developed areas and

potential conflict with humans.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there is a picture of a grizzly bear and a picture of some pinecones.


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