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The Teton Glacier


Location of sign - Grand Teton National Park - Teton Park Road


Photo taken May 2008

The Teton Glacier, Teton Glacier Road Sign

Close-up view of sign


The Teton Glacier, Teton Glacier Road Sign

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


The Teton Glacier

More than any other erosional force, great Ice Age Glaciers sculpted this mountain skyline.  Today, a dozen glaciers flow from the

cirques cut by Ice Age giants.  Teton Glacier, the largest in the park, lies below and northeast of the Grand Teton.


Teton Glacier acts like a huge conveyer belt.  Below the glacier, note the terminal moraine, a wall of rock of all sizes transported

by moving ice and deposited at the edge of Teton Glacier's melting snout.


For a glacier to remain a constant size, snowfall at the top must equal melting at the bottom.  More snowfall causes a glacier to 

advance, meaning to grow larger.  Less snowfall means retreat.  At any size, to be called a glacier, snowfall compacted into ice

must flow under the pull of gravity.


Teton Glacier flows at an average rate of 30 feet per year.


Description of graphics on sign:


In addition to the text the sign features pictures pointing out the location of Teton Glacier on the mountain plus close up pictures

of the glacier.


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