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The Teton Range


Location of sign - Grand Teton National Park - Teton Park Road


Photo taken May 2008

The Teton Range, Teton Range Road Sign, Grand Teton National Park

Close-up view of sign


The Teton Range, Teton Range Road Sign

Wide view of sign


Text of sign:


The Teton Range


Young, Restless and Still Rising

In Geologic Time these mountains are the energetic teenagers of the Rocky Mountain chain: active, growing, yet sculpted by 



The Rise of the Range

Nine million years ago, the earth's crust broke into two rectangular blocks along the Teton Fault, a 40-mile-long zone of weakness.

Through sporadic movements, the western block hinged skyward to become the Teton Range, while the eastern block tilted 

downward to form the valley called Jackson Hole.  The valley sank four times more than the mountains rose.  Displacement

continues, and an earthquake-producing movement along the fault can occur at any time.


Shaping the Mountain

Erosional forces continually shape the rising mountains.  Wind, water, ice and glaciers, particularly of the last Ice Age, shaped

the range into today's skyline. The sedimentary rock layers that covered the central peaks have been worn away, but mountain

building continues, counteracting erosion.


Description of graphics on sign:


In addition to the text the sign displays a view of the Teton Mountain range pointing out the location of Symmetry Spire, Mt. St. 

John, Rockchuck Peak, Mt. Woodring, Thor Peak, Mt. Moran, Leigh Lake, Bivouac Peak and Eagles Rest Peak.  It also

displays a computer generated graphic of the Tetons Range as viewed from 3500 feet about the sign that graphically explains the

formation of the Teton Range.


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