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Yellowstone National Park - Forces of the Northern Range - Trembling Aspens


Location of sign - on the Forces of the Northern Range Trail between Tower Junction and Mammoth Hot Springs 

in Yellowstone National Park.


Photo taken June 2008

Trembling Aspens, Trembling Aspens sign, Yellowstone National Park  


Text of sign:


Trembling Aspens

Roots of Survival


The secret of an aspen grove lies hidden beneath the ground. Aspen's rarely grow from seeds but spring up abundantly from the

roots of their parent.  These young shoots are connected to each other underground by an extensive root system and are 

genetically identical!  This method of reproduction is called "cloning".  


Aspens are masters of cloning.  Their clones can cover several acres and sometimes live for thousands of years.  

Why do Aspen's Tremble?


Trembling. Quaking. Quivering.  These words have all been used to describe Populus tremuloides.  Aspen leaves flutter in the

slightest breeze because of how they are built.  Their slender petioles - the stems on each leaf - are flat and at a right angle to the

leaf surface.  Consequently, the leaves quiver as they catch the wind. 


When aspens tremble, light reflects from each shiny leaf, causing the entire grove to shimmer.


Elk and deer browse on aspen bark, scarring the trunks.


This exhibit made possible by a generous grant from the Yellowstone Association.


Graphics on the sign


In addition to the text there are several pictures of aspen trees, aspen bark and a three dimensional inset of aspen leaves and 



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